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 Established in 2015, Guangzhou Zhaorun Imp. & Exp. Trading Co. LTD has been specializing in undertaking the wholesales, import and export businesses
At the beginning of the establishment, the company formulated its basic principles: “ Customer Supreme, Sincere and Pragmatic, Honoring Promises, Mutual Benefits and Win-win, Joint Development.
With the market and economic globalization today, the trading companies play huge and bridge roles, and they can shorten the distance between the producers and consumers; enhance the mutual exchanges between the people in different areas; deepen the mutual understanding between the people in the world; promote the material and cultural exchanges between the people in the world; improve the people’s living conditions in different areas, and make the indelible contributions to the world peace, stability, prosperity and development.
For the constant and stable development of the company, we are continuously pursuing for truth, and sticking to the principles, and making unremitting efforts to select the excellent suppliers from numerous manufacturers in China, we have set up our standards for selection: Must Be Real Manufacturers (factory), Have Certain Production Scale, and Strict Quality Control (Management) System, Idea of Accurate Delivery, and Willing to Bear the Responsibility, and full of the Ability of R & D and Innovation.
Different customers require different quality, and the different quality and price requirements can be met only by cooperating with special factory which match with production ability and quality management systems. It is substantially important for us the traders to seek for right suppliers. To make one kind of product, there are thousands of manufacturers or small factories (or called private workshops) in China, there are different comprehensive production costs for different enterprises with different production scales, so their quotation are considerably different. To meet the target prices the customers requested, we have to bargain with different manufacturers, which is relatively complex bargaining process. If we want to keep our own little profits margin, and to meet the quality requirements and target prices rendered by customers, the mutual coordination is very artistic work.
We will strictly abide by the quality management system, and we go through the procedures set step by step according to Inquiry to Offer, Confirmation of Order to Signing of Contract, Implementation of Contract, etc. To ensure the mutual benefits of Buyers and Sellers, the trading company as the broker, must guarantee the quality of products, and avoid the unnecessary disputes and complaints, and coordinate with the Sellers and Buyers according to the facts, and respect and guarantee the rights and interests of all parties concerned. We will proceed it according to the Contract signed by parties concerned to ensure that the Seller can make shipment on schedule, and receive the payment of goods, and the Buyer can make payment and receive the goods timely.
To get “cheaper” price, some Buyers are willing to direct contact with the manufacturers they never knew before, and finalize the Contract. In fact, the Buyers did not really know the so-called “Producers (or factories)”, they do not dare to face the problems which maybe happen to them or are happening to them: failure to deliver on schedule or non-delivery, quality problems, “disappearance” of so-called Producers, down payment for goods cheated by the so-called producers. To do business like being man, the man must be honest and reliable, and then can win trust from more people. In China, there are many so-called “Producers” , in fact, they are the small-scale “Producer + Trader”( actually they are trader), and they cheated the Buyers.
Nowadays, the internet technology is so advanced and popular, generally speaking, the Buyers can find thousands of suppliers on line by searching of key words for products, which make the Buyers dizzy and do not know how to select and identify them. It is very convenient to conduct online transactions, but it is very difficult to distinguish which are real manufacturers and which are traders, even very difficult to judge their operational situations, everything is unclear and of no guarantee!
The real and reliable Sellers are greatly significant for Buyers, if the Buyers can direct find the real Seller, and can successfully communicate with each other, and there is no language barrier during the whole purchasing process, and understand each other in depth, that is very safe and assured. If both sides do not know each other, and the Buyer blindly place order with Seller, and maybe result in losses of money and goods, suffer from great losses. If you would like to elude the risk or minimize the risk, and the sole and reliable way is to cooperate with local traders.
Why will you select trading company as your purchasing partner? Because the trading company shoulder the bridge role, and is irreplaceable. Compared with other purchasing ways, we, as the trading company, have the incomparable advantages.
1- Abundant Sources: Well knowing the local markets, laws and rules, local practices and customs, and having rich purchasing resources, we can customize you the real and reliable supplier according to your requirements.
2- Excellent Services: To provide you the maximum and high-quality services, overcome your barriers in languages and communications, save your time, and ensure the timely delivery.
3- Powerful Guarantee: To provide the maximum guarantee, avoid your purchasing risk, and economize your costs, the trading company, as your purchasing representatives, can completely negotiate with Buyers on your behalf to save the high expenses because of communications. It can timely find out the problems and contact with you to avoid the bigger loss and misunderstanding.
4- Convenient Logistics and Customs Clearance Services: Having established the stable and long-term cooperative relationship with famous customs brokers and logistics companies, all services we provide are most excellent, high-efficient, and prompt, the conveniences will be provided for the timely export of goods and delivery to Customers.
5- Minimization of Costs: The most important point is to save your money, and economize your expenses, and maximize your profits, and make your goods more competitive and dominate the market! And you can get the more preferential prices which may not be offered to you from factories!
6- Safety and Assurance: The most happiest point is to make you no worry, no more bargaining, and no excessive language barrier, and no trouble caused by quality problems, and what we are doing are just to make you free of worry, and solve all problems and troubles you had encountered or are facing.
7- Think-tank: We selected the most outstanding engineers and experts in domestic industries to set up professional teams for different industries, and concentrate the powerful R&D strength, and collect all advantages from many experts, and bring the collective wisdom and expertise into full play, and help you solve different difficulties, which is most significant advantages for innovation and scientific researches.
8- More Comparison for Good Quality: One real and wise trader with far-reaching insights is always considering for customers, and always seeking for better quality and better prices, and we help customer inquire with at least three manufacturers, and select the best for final conclusion.
Jointly developing with us hand by hand, so our lives become so beautiful! 

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